About My Family

About My Family

Since the broadcast of its first episode on 19th September 2000, the Harpers have been welcomed into homes across the United Kingdom, making MY FAMILY one of the most, if not the most, successful sitcoms in British television history.

Much of the show’s success is due to the casting of established television stars, Robert Lindsay and Zoë Wanamaker, along with the then up and coming Daniela Denby-Ashe and newcomers Kris Marshall, and Gabriel Thomson.

Equally important is the writing for the show. Unlike most sitcoms, where an individual writer is responsible for all episodes, a “table” of writers is used (as was used on Friends and all other American comedy) where they work as a group to improve each script up to the moment of recording.

With new episodes on BBC One viewed by upwards of 10 million people and hardly a day going by without repeats of MY FAMILY broadcast by UK GOLD, it’s no wonder that 107 half hours have been broadcast with another 22 to be broadcast 2010/11 - second only to LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE in terms of number of episodes. All of which is much to the chagrin of some critics who prefer dark cult series over the more mainstream comedy, more popular with the general public.

While plot has expanded from the initial years where Ben and Susan attempt to raise their dysfunctional family of three children, one thing is a given:  Ben may always be a grumpy father and grandfather and Susan may always need to be in control (except in the kitchen), but they will always have each other – probably!