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A Very Brief Encounter

Susan asks Ben to help an old girlfriend of hers through a divorce

Transmitted on: Thursday 16th April 2009


Episode Summary

Susan’s old university friend Margot visits to get some support whilst going through a divorce –on being introduced to Ben he is surprised by her revelation of how good Susan was at picking up men in her youth.

Meanwhile, Janey tries to lift Roger’s spirits by assuring him women fancy him – especially her fictitious Swedish friend Elke – but she digs a big hole for herself when Roger decides he’d like to meet her. Janey’s plan that Michael rings and pretends to be Elke and has gone back to Sweden mis-fires when Roger insists on speaking to her in Swedish – he is pleased that “Elke” has understood him.

When Margot asks for company to help her find a date with whom to make her husband jealous – Ben volunteers to help. In the pub, Susan strikes a wager with Ben that she can collect more phone numbers than him – sure enough, soon she is surrounded by guys whereas in the background Ben is having no luck whatsoever. Similarly, Margot fails to meet a man she likes, so Susan offers to loan her Ben as a substitute date.

During the date, Ben emulates Margot’s ex-husband’s every move… until it comes to being locked in a kiss. Margot is pleased when Phil leaves looking miserable – she toasts Ben and orders another bottle of wine. The next morning finds Ben and Margot in bed together – Ben wakes and initially is relieved to find that apart from his trousers, he still has his clothes on! However, an anxious Susan arrives causing Ben to hide in the wardrobe – but she susses him out and he tries to convince her that nothing happened between himself and Margot.

When Phil arrives unexpectedly, Susan hides with Ben - Margot assures Phil that her date with Ben was boring – they kiss and make up, whilst inside the wardrobe Ben assures Susan he could never live without her and they kiss passionately too.

Finally, Janey receives a phone call from Roger who is in Sweden having supposedly been invited over by Elke.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Roger Bailey Keiron Self
Alfie Butts Rhodri Meilir
Margot Belinda Lang
Phil Michael Fenner
Kenny Ian Ashpitel
Man at Bar Michael Sherman
Anne Nicola Bryant
Woman Who Slaps Ben Kali Peacock
Sally Margo Virginia


Role Name
Director Nic Phillips
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Jim Armogida
Writer Steve Armogida
Executive Producer Tom Anderson
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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