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Driving Miss Crazy

Janey prepares to take her driving test. Ben starts a war with Mr. Casey.

Transmitted on: Friday 5th October 2001


Episode Summary

Ben has yet another assistant, Trudy, who is afraid of the sight of blood, and ends up fainting.

Janey is about to take her driving test and Nick and Michael are helping her swot up. Janey wants someone to take her driving but doesn't want to ask Ben. Ben returns from work and steps in dog poo from the neighbour, Mr. Casey's dog. Mr. Casey comes round, his wife has just died so he bought the dog. Ben thinks Mr. Casey has come to apologise but he has come to ask Ben to mend his fence, cut back the trees and get rid of the scruffy shed. Meanwhile, Nick tries to give the dog som of Susan's lasagne but the dog growls at it. 6:00 am the next morning, Ben can't sleep and brings Susan breakfast, they open the curtains and Mr. Casey is looking in repairing his guttering.

Mr. Casey has replaced Ben's fence and taken up eight centimetres of Ben's garden. He is furious. Nick has taken Janey out driving in Ben's car and deployed the air bag. Janey wants Michael to take her. Ben offers to take her but she laughs. Michael and Janey are sneaking out. Michael has a beard on and cushions to sit on. Susan catches them. Susan takes Janey to the car but they return within seconds having argued. Ben is full of glee when Mr. Casey's paper is delivered to his house. He tries to do the crossword. Mr. Casey comes round to retrieve it and brings Bens back. They argue. He leaves and Ben realises he has done his crossword too. Mr. Casey has burned down Ben's shed.

Ben takes Janey driving for three hours. They've been following Mr. Casey. Ben asks for his toolbox and Nick has sold it.

Two television researchers come to the door, from Nightmare Neighbours, Mr. Casey has sent them. Ben sends them packing. Ben starts playing music out of the window in the night. Mr. Casey plays music back. Ben takes Janey for her test, and manages to run over Mr. Casey's dog. Meanwhile Susan has asked Mr. Casey for tea , Ben and Janey return, she has passed but comes in weeping. Susan can not understand why Ben is being so nice to him and giving in to all his demands. We end on Susan going to the pet shop and Ben going to estate agents.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Nick Harper Kris Marshall
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Mr. Casey Nikolas Grace
Dental Assistant Laura Macaulay
Young Woman Danielle Tarento
Mr. Ross Stephen Rose


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Ian Brown
Writer James Hendrie
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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