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Droit De Seigneur

When the son of Lord Whitten asks Janey on a date, she couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, the date goes horribly awry. Luckily for Ben, Lord Whitten's son needs dental work the next day.

Transmitted on: Monday 2nd October 2000


Episode Summary

In the Surgery Brigitte informs Ben that he is working on Lord Whitten, champion of organic farmers. Lord Whitten tells them about his problems with his son and Brigitte suggests Janey as a suitable date. Janey is not pleased when Ben tells her he has fixed her up - he would only pick some kind of loser. She changes her tune when she sees a picture of Young Whitten in this week’s copy of Hello - "he’s absolutely gorgeous".

Ben returns home late to discover that Nick has become an artist. Susan has got Ben his favourite meal - Chinese takeaway. She tells him that Janey is already out on her date and that she has tickets for Don Giovanni. Ben complains that he hates opera. Susan suggests he listens to the record whilst reading the libretto but he refuses.

Later Nick persuades Ben he might as well give Don Giovanni a try. Ben listens to it and is obviously moved when Janey returns from her date. It has obviously not gone well.

At breakfast the next morning Susan gets rid of Nick and Michael so that she can have a heart to heart with Janey. Janey confesses that Young Whitten tried to assault her but she dealt with it. That night Susan has trouble sleeping and tells Ben about Young Whitten. Ben is incensed and reminds Susan of what happens in Don Giovanni. Ben visits Janey in her room - she is not very forthcoming and stops herself from admitting she’s not a virgin anymore "I’m not a vir—ry naïve person".

Ben returns to Bed and tells Susan about Janey not being "virry naïve" - meaning Janey is no longer a virgin. Susan reassures Ben he’s got it wrong. Ben goes straight to sleep and Susan is now left awake.

The next morning Young Whitten turns up at the Surgery for treatment. Ben and Brigitte are furious with him and are less than gentle with his treatment. In agony he lurches out of the dentists’ chair and says he is not Toby - he is James. Ben and Brigitte are full of remorse for their treatment of him. When Toby says he’s gay Brigitte mentions that Ben has a son.

Ben & Susan return from the opera, Ben having enjoyed every minute of it. Both are in a romantic mood until they see Nick painting himself in the nude.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Nick Harper Kris Marshall
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Brigitte Daisy Donovan
Lord Whitten Peter Blythe
Young Whitten Orlando Wells


Role Name
Director Baz Taylor
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Fred Barron
Writer Shawn Schepps
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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