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Friday The 31st (Halloween)

Susan enthusiastically celebrates "Trick or Treat."

Transmitted on: Friday 9th May 2003


Episode Summary

Susan and Abi are scooping out pumpkins at breakfast time. Ben would rather have coffee. He doesn’t want to be in the Halloween spirit. He thinks of it as a scam. Susan tells Ben he must be home by six as that is when the fun starts. Abi can’t help as she is going to a fancy dress party. Michael will be out at the cinema, but he has made Abi a fright mask. It is a picture of Bens face.

We see Ben come home, the house is decorated completely for Halloween a house or horrors. Susan is dressed as a witch, and overacting terribly, which Ben refuses to notice. He does not want to join in. She has hired him a costume but he won’t wear it. Susan puts the radio on, it is supposedly a news flash about a dangerous lunatic who has escaped.

The doorbell rings, and Ben goes. It is Trick or treaters. They curse the house and then they end up throwing an egg at him. Ben changes and the doorbell goes again. Susan refuses to answer the door because she has to jump out at them to scare them. Mr Green the neighbour is at the door, and leaves young Timmy, a vampire, to visit.

Timmy is not impressed with the house, or with Susan’s witch impression. She offers him a sweet and he pulls out a big fake spider, shows him the skeleton in the cupboard, and he is still not frightened. Ben tells Timmy that ghosts don’t exist, and he goes into a long Speech about the fact that there is nothing after death. Timmy cries, and Susan tries to comfort him, she thinks it was the skeleton that frightened him.

Ben opens the fridge door and there is a ghoul in it. The door rings again. It is Roger Bailey, dressed as a ghost. Susan and Roger scare each other, This reminds Ben of a Westlife concert, and they go into the kitchen to apple bob. The doorbell rings again, it is trick or treaters. Ben recognises them,
And they all throw eggs at him. We see Ben coming down stairs in yet another clean shirt. His Beer has had fake blood put in it, which goes all over his mouth, although he doesn’t realise.

Susan and Roger both deny putting the blood in the beercan. The doorbell goes again, and Roger in his ghost costume goes and answers it with all the sweets. Roger has heard about the lunatic on the loose, which has made him a little uneasy. Ben tries to explain it was Susan and he thinks Ben means Susan is the loonie.

The doorbell goes again, but the kids have eaten the sweets already. Susan and Roger look around for things to give them. Roger finds Family Circle which he starts to read avidly. Susan opens the door, and the kids are carol singing at this point. Someone has put a skeleton on the sofa reading the paper. Ben borrows it from him. Susan offers them an old biro, batteries, and a key to bleed the radiator. She then slams the door in their face. We hear them shouting their complaints through the door. Susan tells Ben she didn’t put the skeleton on the sofa, and nor did Roger. The plot thickens. Roger thinks it may have been the escaped lunatic. The doorbell goes again and Abi dressed as a cheese comes in, in a panic because of all the kids outside.
The party was alright, but the doors were a bit narrow for Abi’s costume. We see the kids at the window shouting. Then they notice that the kids have set fire to the garden furniture. Ben rings the police who don’t want to come because they say it’s just kids.

They all sit in the living room with the curtains pulled. Susan thinks they’re calming down, Ben opens the curtains to check, and the kids jeer and throw yet another egg which splats on the window. Roger says he will go out and buy them sweets. Dressed in his sheet. Susan says Ben is being childish because he won’t wear his costume. They bicker and Ben talks himself into wearing the costume. Roger comes back in covered in eggs and all torn. He is very upset, the sheet was his chewy blanket. Ben descends in his devil costume. He feels quite the part, but Susan kills herself laughing. Susan looks thru the curtains again and it seems to have quietened down.

The bell rings, and Roger comes to the door with a gun full of rotten eggs to get the children back. Ben, as the devil, goads him on to get justice. Ben opens the letter box, and Roger squirts the eggs. He has squirted two policemen. They come in covered in egg. They suggest that Ben laughs at their colleagues jokes or they may press charges.

Later that same evening, they are sitting on the sofa having a drink, when they hear noises. Ben opens the curtains and sees the skeleton with Bens face hanging there. They then hear noises and footsteps coming from upstairs. A large shadowy figure holding an axe comes down the stairs. It’s the neighbour. He was taking revenge on them because Ben had terrified young Timmy. It was he who put the blood in the Ben’s beer, the skeleton on the sofa and behind the curtain.

Ben suggests the police, but Mr Green tells them they won’t get anywhere they are too busy looking for an escaped lunatic. The doorbell goes again, and Ben goes to the door in normal everyday clothes, on the doorstep is one of his patients and her small child, the patient screams at the sight of Ben and pulls the child away.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Roger Bailey Keiron Self
Abi Harper Siobhan Hayes
Duncan Nigel Harrison
Timmy Green Charlie Hicks
Boilerman Richard Nichols
Inspector Stephen Powell
Warlock Boy Tony Bignell
Girl Danielle Harmer
Boy 2 Andrew Henry
Girl 2 Hannah Bridges
Female Receptionist Louise Dumayne


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer James Hendrie
Writer Ian Brown
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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