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Germs of Endearment

Ben’s and Susan’s trip to Spain starts out being an anniversary present from Jamey and Michael, but then they discover that they all have to pay for it.

Transmitted on: Friday 15th July 2011

Episode Summary

Having forgotten Ben and Susan’s wedding anniversary, Janey and Michael pretend to have bought them a holiday to Spain knowing that they will be reticent about spending a fortnight together.
However they are caught out when Ben and Susan accept the holiday and have some quick thinking to do! Michael reveals that he charged the holiday to Ben’s credit card but has a cunning plan to recoup the money by raiding the house of anything potentially valuable and going on “Cash In The Attic”.
True to form, the outgoing flight to Spain does not go that smoothly when Ben is irritated by his fellow passengers, but on moving to different seats he and Susan sit next to a most nervous passenger whom Ben fails to reassure.
Ben’s vexation is heightened when the Captain announces over the tannoy that a suspected outbreak of H7N1 virus in the UK means everyone on board the plane must be quarantined. His bad mood is compounded when his makeshift camp bed collapses and he’s wound up sleeping next to the nervous passenger again. Arguments about the food ensue and Susan is at the end of her tether with Ben’s obnoxious attitude.
Back at home, an antiques expert can find nothing of value to sell until he espies the clock on the mantelpiece which he states would fetch £3,000 at auction. Janey and Michael hesitate but can’t resist and agree to sell.
With hunger on his mind, Ben steals a nun’s banana – as he bites into it an Official enters with good news of their release, but Ben starts to choke on his mouthful causing the Official to believe he has suspicious symptoms - and despite Ben’s protestations the quarantine is extended.
Despite berating Ben for his intolerance, time in quarantine has taken its toll on Susan’s patience and she snaps at her fellow passengers, which heightens Ben’s attractiveness to her. Upon their return after the holiday, all bodes well… until the replacement clock whirrs into action stopping Ben and Susan in their tracks.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Thorndyke Jeff Rawle
Anecdote Passenger Daniel Hill
Nervous passenger Clive Rowe
Sister Brenda Cicely Giddings
Laura, Young couple Elizabeth Bower
Lawrence, Young couple Tom Price
Flight Attendent Karina Fernandez
Pepe Daniel Stevens
Isolation Controller Vidal Sancho
Capitain Voice (V.O) Jeff Rawle


Role Name
Director Ed Bye
Producer John Bartlett
Executive Producer Tom Anderson
Executive Producer Don Taffner
Writer Ed Dyson

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