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Get Cartier

Ben's new patient is a mobster who mysteriously leaves presents at the Harper's door. Much to his dismay, Ben cannot give the gifts back because Susan thinks one of them is for her.

Transmitted on: Friday 26th October 2001

Episode Summary

Cold Open Ben interviews assistant JAMES. Ben wonders what to give Susan for her anniversary. This year its to be tyres, steel belted. Mrs. Nancy old assistant, asleep on the job. Mr. Smith pays cash as he is so pleased with the 28 masterpieces that Ben has done. He gives him a wadge of money. He asks about a dental plan, for his thugs. Ben suspects he is a hood. Mr. Smith doesn't want a receipt.

24 anniversary, Susan looks for her anniversary present and asks Michael and a friend to help her. She wants to find the present so she can exchange it for something she wants before he gives it to her. Ben comes home un nerved because he thinks Mr. Smith is an underworld King Pin. he does organised dance and waste removal. Susan doesn't believe him. Janey likes the look of the mob money. During dinner they hear a thug. It's a delivery of tyres which Ben has asked to be delivered to the surgery. They were delivered by hoods. The kids are Impressed. Susan wishes they would take the garden gnomes from the Baxters next door.

That night Ben hears something arrive, Susan goes down and finds meat on doorstep. She wakes Ben. Chops, fillets, minces are in the box. The next thud is Nick arriving home. Susan wants to accept the meat. Nick is in the bed and Ben thought he was a decapitated horse. Melinda wants Nick to change, he is very upset. He doesn't want to change. Ben arrives at work the next day and a young thug is in the chair. He broke in. It is Moo, dental assistant, nephew of Mob Mr. Smith has been sent by 'Uncle John' to assist Ben. He gives him a Cartier watch to thank him for hiring him. (2,000 cartier all gold) Michael/Janey dealing 'presents' from the house. They are selling the gifts. Ben hides the watch in the box under the t.v. Along with the fire extinguisher with a bow on. Susan says they were wrong to accept the gifts. They must send them back. ben is nervous.

While he goes to meet uncle John in the bar and tells him he doesn't want the gifts of Moo. Susan looks for her present and finds the 'watch' . Mr. Smith takes gifts back, and takes Moo back too. He accepts the watch back but Ben can't find it. Because Susan has found it and is thrilled. Ben is too worried about the gifts to help Nick. Nick suggests asking for the watch back and setting fire to the house so she will appreciate the fire extinguisher. Ben gives a real cartier back to Mr. Smith. He is thrilled as Ben has given him a real watch back and not the fake. Nick with girl, not Melinda. The jewellers called and Susan knows her watch is counterfeit but that Ben has already bought a real one. Ben rushes out to buy another watch from Mr. Smith.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Nick Harper Kris Marshall
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Mr. Smith Michael Attwell
Moo Paul Trussell
James Stephen Hope-Wynne
Mrs. Nancy Evie Garratt
Young Woman Rosie Jenkins
Ian Ben Jamieson


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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