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Going Dental

Susan forsakes Ben's dental conference to write her novel.

Transmitted on: Friday 18th June 2004


Episode Summary

Ben’s business cards have arrived. 500 of them!

Ben is going to a dental conference, to try and get a share in a Harley Street Practice owned by Geoffrey Dutton. Susan wants to stay home and write her book, and suggests Janey go in her place. Susan notices all Ben’s cards read Ben Hamper!

Ben is pushed into taking Janey. Ben and Janey arrive at the hotel arguing, the receptionist mistakes them for a couple! Other guests overhear Ben saying he paid for Mrs Harper but brought her instead, by the time they go into the lift, other people are convinced they are a couple too.
Abi tries to persuade Susan to go the the conference with her. The novel isn’t going well, and Abi has suggestions for improvement. Susan takes them on board.

Janey is still complaining about the hotel, and Ben is determined she won’t embarrass him in front of Geoffrey Dutton. Roger arrives and is thrilled to see Ben! Janey refuses to wear a Mrs Harper label. She goes to change her room and moves into the best room they have, the Windsor suite, which is extremely expensive.

Abi arrives, and also give the name Harper! Ben finally catches up with Geoffrey who wonders who Janey is. Ben starts to negotiate with Geoffrey, when Abi pitches up. She has brought his toothbrush! Roger has cancelled Abi’s room and only has one bed in his, he suggests she could commute. Writers block has set in back at home, and Michael and Hubert make fun of Susan.

Geoffrey buys Ben a brandy, Ben tries to explain that Janey really is his daughter. Geoffrey is delighted, Ben has passed the first test. Ben gives in and tells him what he wants to hear, that Janey is his mistress. Ben goes to find Janey in their room, and discovers that she has moved out, he is literally thrown out. Back in reception, Ben can’t find Janey. The night porter can not use the computer! Ben can find out first thing in the morning. Susan decides to go and join Ben when Kenzo is dropped back, by Janey’s nanny, for her to look after.

Ben has had to sleep in the phone box in reception. Janey is on the champagne at breakfast, and rumours are spreading fast about their relationship, Janey stomps out noisily when she finds that Ben has told Geoffrey that she is his mistress. Susan arrives carrying Kenzo and looking for Ben.
Michael and Hubert decide to race up to the dental conference to join in the fun. Rumours are by now rife at the hotel.

Susan finally tracks down Janey, who is having a massage. Janey tells Susan that Ben has asked her to pretend to be his mistress. Susan is livid.
Geoffrey has by now worked out that Janey is his daughter, and Ben tries to persuade him he does have a mistress. He rushes off the get Abi, but Roger won’t let her. They have a tug of war.

‘Kitty’ has been entertaining Geoffrey, the job is in the bag! Until Geoffrey’s wife arrives and recognises her to be Susan, Ben’s wife. Ben ends up telling Geoffrey’s wife he has a mistress. Ben has to settle up, the bill is enormous, Hubert and Michael have gone to town!


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Roger Bailey Keiron Self
Abi Harper Siobhan Hayes
Geoffrey Dutt Peter Egan
Night Porter Windsor Davies
Desk Clerk Andy Taylor
Hubert Alex Dawson
Alan Delegate Robert Harley
Penelope Dutton Elizabeth McKechnie
Jill, Delegate’s Wife Jane Booker
Mary, Delegate’s Wife Isobel Middleton
Sandra Jiggy Bhore
Big Tattooed Man Terry Bird
Bruiser’s Wife Christine Ellerbeck
Fay, Nanny Victoria Shepherd
Delegate at Phone Booth Rufus Jones
Spencer Renton Skinner
Barman Stephen Evans
Baby Kenzo Thomas & Noah Davis


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer James Hendrie
Writer Ian Brown
Executive Producer Don Taffner
Executive Producer James Hendrie
Executive Producer Ian Brown

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