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Harpers and Queen (New Years Special)

Transmitted on: Wednesday 24th December 2008

Episode Summary

Ben parades in an Hawaiian shirt ready for his Mauritius trip… Susan teases that she hasn’t decided whether to take him or not.

Much to Ben’s chagrin, the post brings news of an MBE for Susan for her charity work –Susan phones the Palace to accept her award but Ben realises the date clashes with their Mauritius trip and he knows where he would rather be! Susan gives the Mauritius tickets away to Janey, Michael and Alfie who decide that whoever lasts longest giving something up for New Year wins the tickets.

Then Ben gets letter and 25-year service certificate from his dental authority, but the awards luncheon also clashes with Susan’s investiture which she deems more important to attend – Ben admits defeat.

At the Investiture, Ben is impressed by the surroundings – including the chocolates which have the Royal Crest on them. He decides to take some to sell on E-bay and crams his pockets full. However, his sticky fingers mark Susan’s jacket and his attempts to remedy the situation get out of hand, culminating in tearing off her jacket sleeve, ruining her hat, and finally tipping red wine over her.

Nevertheless, she proceeds with the other guests into the inner room to receive her award and on returning home is pleasantly surprised to find Ben has gathered all the family to congratulate her.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Roger Bailey Keiron Self
Alfie Butts Rhodri Meilir
Kenzo Harper Tayler Marshall
Royal Equerry Robin Sebastian


Role Name
Director Nic Phillips
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Paul Minett
Writer Brian Leveson
Executive Producer Tom Anderson
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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