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He's Just Not That Into Ben

Ben goes clubbing with Michael but soon finds himself more than slightly out of his depth.

Transmitted on: Friday 6th August 2010

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Episode Summary

Ben is feeling a little envious of Michael’s party lifestyle and when he has to go down the Michael’s local gay bar one evening to collect the mobile Michael has drunkenly left behind, he is certain that the men will be all over him. This is not the case… Susan is highly amused Ben knows why – he’s obviously just oozing too much heterosexuality.

Ben decides to update his wardrobe and invites Michael out for a drink at the gay bar but still fails to attract any attention. While Ben is at the bar, Susan calls Michael for an update and urges him to ask one of his friends to chat Ben up to avoid the impending confidence crisis.

Meanwhile, Janey is concerned about speeding local traffic and decides to take action with the local council. However, the date of the meeting clashes with a party she wants to attend and she is torn between being a good mother and having fun. Eventually she decides that she doesn’t have to choose, she can do both! Her friends are seething at being dragged to such a dull meeting but speed up the proceedings with some “encouragement” and Janey’s motion is carried.

Ben has finally had enough and they are about to leave the bar when Rupert comes over and gives Ben his card – result! Ben is delighted - until Rupert follows him home and begins texting him relentlessly. Enough is enough when Rupert books an appointment at the surgery just to see Ben, but then again, he does have a house in Tuscany…

Susan decides to take action and invites Rupert over for dinner so she can educate him about the real Ben. By the time she has finished, not only is Rupert horrified at what a philistine Ben is and his affections suitably dampened but Rupert and Susan realise how much they have in common and have become friends. Rupert calls back a few days later to whisk Susan off to his place in Tuscany, leaving poor Ben all alone.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Kenzo Harper Tayler Marshall
Rupert Hugh Sachs
Sasha Naomi Bentley
Councillor James Wooley
Bouncer Phillip Browne
Bartender Adam Morris
Bar Stool Man Jon Trenchard
Blind Date Man Jay Simon
Elderly Gent Roy Heather
Dating Card Man Alastair Southey


Role Name
Executive Producer Don Taffner
Executive Producer Tom Anderson
Director Ed Bye
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Dan Staley

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