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Neighbour Wars

Having run over Mr Casey's dog years ago, Ben worsens things by running over Mr Casey.

Transmitted on: Friday 9th May 2008


Episode Summary

Susan and Kenzo are away so Ben is looking forward to evenings with pizza, magazines, beer & DVDs, and Janey is looking to recreate her youthful freedom. Ben’s evening is spoilt by a loud generator next door.

The next morning, neighbour, Mr Casey, calls to tell a desperately tired Ben that he will be using the generator until his renovation work is completed. Ben leaves for work but runs back in to phone for an ambulance having knocked Mr Casey over.

While visiting Mr Casey in hospital, Ben tries to persuade Janey and Michael it was an accident. The police arrive saying they believe it was, but warning that Casey might sue. Ben nurses Casey at home, hoping to win him over but becomes increasingly exasperated by demands for everything from breakfast to dealing with his bedpan.

Mr Channing, an insurance assessor, calls believing Casey is defrauding the company and he persuades Ben to try to get the evidence. In an attempt to prove Casey’s fraud, Ben places a bottle of malt whisky on the mantelpiece and leaves. He sneaks in, finds an old camera and peeks into the living room, but his plan is foiled by Alfie’s offering to pour Casey a drink.

Ben tries to provoke Casey into moving by over-watering his prized plant. When that doesn’t work, he pours Casey’s dog’s ashes from an urn into the plant pot, but they turn out to be Mrs Casey’s.

Upstairs, Ben smokes a cigarette under the smoke alarm causing it to go off, grabs his camera and runs down shouting that the house is on fire, but Casey doesn’t believe him. Michael comes down announcing that there really is a fire, and, as Casey jumps out of bed, Ben gets his evidence but then realises the house is actually on fire.

The next day, Casey enters the kitchen and Ben says he’ll back Casey’s claim if he supports Ben’s story – they agree. Michael enters and tells them he’s recorded their conversation on the mended video camera, and Ben & Casey reach for their wallets.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Alfie Butts Rhodri Meilir
Mr. Casey Nikolas Grace
Spencer Renton Skinner
Mr. Channing Jonathan Aris
Sasha Chloe Bale
Doctor Eleanor Matsuura


Role Name
Director Baz Taylor
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Darin Henry
Executive Producer Tom Anderson
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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