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Of Mice & Ben

Abi films the Harpers for a video project about family life.

Transmitted on: Friday 27th September 2002


Episode Summary

Abi makes a documentary about Harper Family Life. Ben and Susan discover Ben & Susan hear a scraping noise in the bedroom. The next morning, the lead to the fridge has been chewed through. Ben thinks it has been done by a rat.Abi is making a documentary for her film class. Ben doesn’t want to join in at all. But Abi gets round him with flattery.

Ben & Susan do a piece to camera about their relationship. Susan gives Abi a boring cooking piece for her film. Michael does a piece to camera and says he is the ‘puppet master’ and Ben and Susan are mere puppets. Michael sets up Ben and Susan and a pickle jar being too tight to open, for Abi’s documentary. Ben and Susan do a piece about their sex life.

Ben has had enough of Abi and her camera, she had tried to film him in the shower. Back in bed, they hear the rat, then the rat trap goes off. They wonder if it is dead. Just as they turn the light off and start to kiss, We hear the rat once more. Abi is still filming in the kitchen. Abi has written a script for him, an argument, to spice up her film, and finally he gets angry at her in front of the camera. Susan comes in and suggests they get the exterminators in, realises Abi is filming and pretends she was talking about Michael’s pet gerbil. Michael says he doesn’t have a pet gerbil. Ben gets his fingers caught in the rat trap.

Abi films Ben, bandaged, with his dental nurse,Janet and patient. Ben upsets Janet, we hear Janet’s life history and she ends up hitting Ben.
Ben & Susan are in bed, they turn the light off and start to kiss when Abi bursts in with her camera and asks for the lights to be put on. She is ordered out.
The rat starts up again. The next day, Susan has bought a humane rat catcher, which turns out to be a torture chamber. Ben enters with a bag on his head, so that Abi can’t film him any more. Michael is doing a piece to camera and Abi accuses him of staring at her breasts.

Ben & Susan gather up weapons and prepare to catch the rat. We see them in the basement trying to catch the rat. Abi is filming it all. Ben discovers the rat is huge and Susan runs away, the door slams and Ben is locked in. His panic is caught on film. Ben is angry with Susan for locking him in. Susan has borrowed the neighbours cat, fluffy, to get rid of the rat. Susan is now fed up with Abi’s film too. It turns out that Abi’s tutor didn’t like her film. She tells Ben and Susan she has sold it. Michael and Abi are watching tv, we hear Abi’s film on You’ve Been Framed. It’s Ben screaming and trying to get away from the rat.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Abi Harper Siobhan Hayes
Dental Assistant Archie Panjabi


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Steve Armogida
Writer Jim Armogida
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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