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Parisian Beauty

Ben wonders if the French student the Harpers have taken in is coming on to him.

Transmitted on: Friday 14th September 2001

Episode Summary

Janey has a French exchange student coming to stay. Michael is horrified to discover that he will be staying in Nick's room. Nick is not sleeping as part of a science experiment.

Ben comes home from the usual miserable day at work and wants to relax, but Susan has other ideas and has planned some French entertainment.

Unfortunately she has rented Gigi and he must suffer it for the 22nd time.

When Sylvie meets the family, she is a big hit especially with Michael and Nick. Nick as usual takes it to the extreme by dressing as a French Existentialist. Sylvie is not very impressed.

Nick gives Michael tips on how to survive his stay in his bedroom. Michael looks very frightened and is not relishing the experience.

Ben and Susan discuss their incompatibility, when Nich who is still trying to stay awake, wants to play Monopolu. Michael comes in as well as he can't sleep in the pit that is Nick's room.

Ben is enjoying the fact that Sylvie is laughing at his jokes. Until she becomes too tactile and tells him how much she likes English men. Ben looks slightly pertrubed and Nick decides that dressing up, as a French man is perhaps not the best way to impress Sylvie. Sylvie has bought Susan a beautiful Harrod's. Janey thinks Sylvie is a creep and expresses her displeasure to Ben.

Nick dresses up a typical Englishman, with pipe and smoking jacket to impress Sylvie. Nick asks Ben advice on Sylvie, Ben is uncomfortable, as he believes Sylvie is interested in him. Nick sets fire to himself with the pipe and Sylvie puts him out.

Susan is concerned that Janey doesn't like Sylvie, Ben tells Susan that he is more worried that Sylvie likes him too much, Susan finds this hilarious.

Ben is getting more and more paranoid about Sylvie. Nick's room seems to be having a strange affect on on Michael. Sylvie rings Paris and is overheard saying that someone is mignon! Ben is now very worried. He tries to talk to Susan again about Sylvie, but gets more ridicule. He is so upset that he has a crafty cigarette. Nick talks to Ben again about Sylvie and he gets the impression that Sylvie is after Ben.

Ben goes to Sylvie's room to sort it out. Sylvie asks Ben's opinion on a negligee and finally Ben realises that the negligee is for Susan. Ben is made to suffer for his mistake, but the attention is taken away from when Janey realises that Sylvie is after Brian. Which results in a girl fight and girl chase, much the delight of Nick, Michael and Brian.

Sylvie has gone back to Paris and Susan feels that it has been a waste of time. Nick is dreaming about the girl fight, and Janey insults him in perfect French, so perhaps it was not a complete waste after all.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Nick Harper Kris Marshall
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Sylvie Beatriz Batarda
Mr. Hillard Christopher Ryan
Brian Kevin Bishop


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer Andrea Solomons
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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