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Sixty Feet Under (Christmas Special)

Richard Whitley guest stars as a shopping trip to london is abruptly stopped.

Transmitted on: Thursday 25th December 2003


Episode Summary

The Harper family have been on a Christmas shopping trip and are returning home on the tube, when the tube stops for no apparent reason.
Nick turns into the voice of doom and says they could be down there for at least a year and upsets the couple sitting beside Ben and Susan, Mr Hall is getting very upset with Nick. Ben refuses to help.

Michael goes off exploring. Nick thinks their situation is like the film Cannibal Holocaust. Susan sees it as an opportunity to meet new people. She starts chatting to two Estonian tourists, and manages to upset them by her lack of knowledge in their country, and find her patronising. They like Ben though.

Nick thinks there may be a war going on up above the tube, and they may be the only people left alive. Mr and Mrs Hall are even more upset.
Michael returns, he has met a girl called Claire and taken her on a date in carriage number 3. The driver comes over the tannoy again and says their delay is due to a failure, but he doesn’t say what sort of failure. Nick goes to prove the tannoy is a recording, but it isn’t and he is subject to a £1,000 fine.
Susan decides to rally the passengers and tells them she is trained to handle crises such as these and they are all welcome to tell her their problems. Ben is mortified.

Michael goes off to see his girlfriend. Later we see Susan playing guessing games and still trying to jolly the passengers up unsuccessfully. The driver comes on the tannoy again, and says he thinks they have been forgotten. He has no idea what the delay is caused by. It is now getting very hot and unpleasant in the carriage.

Susan now decides they need to leave the carriage and walk to safety down the track. No one agrees to go with her though. Ben is thirsty, there is a sleeping drunk in the corner with a can, and Nick has a bag full of bottled water. He refuses to give Ben a drink though as he was rude about why he had bought them earlier. He decides to charge Ben £20, when another passenger comes up and gives Nick a cookbook in exchange for a bottle of water. Ben agrees to pay the twenty pounds but Nick realises he can get more and puts the price up to forty pounds a bottle. Susan has now decorated the carriage with paperchains.

Ben is still asking for water, he asks Mr Hall but he refuses. Michael brings Claire in to meet Ben and Susan. A Romanian folk group come in dancing, it turns out to be Abi and much to Abi’s surpise the accordionist turns out to be Roger Bailey, and the violinist owns up that he is not Romanian either.

Claire dumps Michael but he is not upset, he goes off to find other girls. Nick has found a celebrity in another carriage, and he brings Richard Whiteley to meet Ben and Susan. He has told Richard that Ben and Susan have food for him, which they do not. The driver has found a book of The Christmas Carol which he reads over the tannoy to help pass the time.

Ben, now desperate for a drink, tries to steel the water bottle from Mr Hall, and then the tin of lager from the drunk, which turns out to be empty. Nick returns now covered in his spoils from swapping his water. Susan tells the driver he needs to just move the train on and proceeds to argue with him until he cuts her off. Mrs Hall goes into a faint, Ben tries to help and a riot starts up in the carriage.
The driver comes over the tannoy and says they can go again, but he won’t move on until Susan apologises to him for all the offensive things she said. Susan decides to sit it out.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Nick Harper Kris Marshall
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson
Roger Bailey Keiron Self
Abi Harper Siobhan Hayes
Barry Hall Patrick Godfrey
Patricia Hall Amanda Walker
Aryo Robert Webb
Jaak Philip Brodie
Roy Nigel Lindsay
Sophie Sydney Stevenson
Edmund Tony Marshall
Romany Violinist Samuel Gough
Sleeping Drunk Bobby Bragg


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer James Hendrie
Writer Ian Brown
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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