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The Canary Cage (Lanzarote)

The Harpers get a free holiday to Lanzarote. Ben has a new digital camera

Transmitted on: Friday 30th May 2003

Episode Summary

Susan has won a free holiday for 4 in the Canaries, so Ben, Susan and the two boys arrive at their holiday apartment. Ben has invested in a digital camera at the duty free shop, and has lost his luggage on the flight. He has only the clothes he stands up in. Ben is snapping away at everything in sight and manages to take pictures of cracked tiles and building sites in the distance, but uses the zoom lense. Susan suggests that Ben borrow some of Nicks clothes.

They meet their neighbours on the balcony. The boys want the bedroom with a sea view and Ben and Susan go clothes shopping for Susan, and she realises that her bag has been stolen. The police arrive and Susan tries to translate everything into Spanish, but Ben wonders who she is doing this for? As he doesn’t speak Spanish and they speak perfect English.

Ben goes to pay and realises that he has had his credit cards stolen buy the ‘policemen’. Michael and Nick watch a bullfight, and Nick thinks it’s all special effects. Susan reports the stolen bag and credit cards to the insurance company in London, still trying out her Spanish, and Ben manages to take pictures of the lady neighbour sunbathing topless. Her husband comes rushing out and there is an incident, and he threatens Ben. They now have no money for three days, Susan thinks she will borrow money from the neighbours and Ben has to admit he took pictures of her breasts. As they are about to share out 1 slice of pizza between three, Nick scoffs it. He then owns up that he has money.He makes Ben Beg. He calls Michael on his mobile, Michael is in a bar doing deals.

That night, Susan is sunburned, and Ben is swotting mosquitos. The neighbours hear all the noises through their adjoining bedroom wall. Nick gives Susan money for her creams from the chemist, but he still refuses to give Ben money for breakfast. Ben goes out onto the balcony and sees the remains of the neighbours breakfast, and helps himself. He then gets carried away and goes onto their balcony , not noticing the daughter is now sunbathing. The husband comes rushing out and punches Ben in the face.

Susan tries out her Spanish in the chemist and makes lewd suggestions to the chemist, whose wife attacks her in front of the neighbours. That night, Ben and Susan are both nursing their bruises,when Nick offers to buy them dinner. Michael meanwhile is gambling.

At the end of dinner Nick confesses he has no money, he has spent the money he had on a big hat. Nick has a plan, he had planted a cockroach in Ben’s salad so they would be given a free meal. Ben has eaten it. So they decide to make a run for it but Susan can’t because of her bites and sunburn.
Back in the apartment, the neighbours arrive with the manager, complaining about Ben and his camera. He is ordered to delete all the pictures, which he duly does, and then comes across 15 pictures of Nicks bottom.

The credit cards arrive, the waiter and the chef arrive and Ben books himself on a first class flight home. We see Michael, in a plush hotel being served breakfast in bed.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Nick Harper Kris Marshall
Janey Harper Daniela Denby-Ashe
Rhoda Baxter Hetty Baynes
Mr. Hillard Christopher Ryan
Spanish Policeman James Coombes
Pharmacist Vladimir Vega
Hotel Manager Joseph Long
Pharmacist's Wife Karen Mann
Alison Baxter Cressida Whyte
Restaurant Waiter David Sant
Spanish Policeman 2 Miltos Yerolemou


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer James Hendrie
Writer Ian Brown
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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