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The Lost Weekend

Ben and Susan finally have some time to themselves.

Transmitted on: Thursday 28th November 2002

Episode Summary

Michael is leaving for the weekend to go to a ‘Higher Maths Fun Weekend’ with his school. Susan is fussing over him while Ben is mocking him.
Michael leaves and Ben and Susan celebrate., because they have the whole weekend to themselves. They have planned to have sex in every room in the house and so try to decide which will be the first room; they are put off by the others and decide to start in their own bedroom.

In Ben & Susan’s bedroom, Susan is trying to think where to go next, Ben isn’t so sure he can make it, he then suggests a cup of tea first.
Kitchen. They now have a whole weekend ahead of them and Susan tries to suggest what they can do. Ben doesn’t like any of her suggestions and thinks they’re boring. She thinks he is boring for keeping his cd’s in alphabetical order. Ben looks at his collection and sees that his ‘Steely Dan’ cd is out of place; they then discuss other cds. Ben decides what he wants to do with his day – nothing at all, but with Susan. Susan doesn’t agree with this. Ben suggests going to the cinema. After debating over what to see, they decide on a George Clooney film.

In the kitchen, Ben is trying to get Susan to leave the washing up so that they won’t be late for the film. Susan tells Ben they won’t be late for the actual film, it’s only the trailers they will miss. They then realise that they won’t be able to make it. Ben tells her he made the part of George Clooney up. Susan is disappointed. Susan suggests a walk in the park as Ben always says he’s going for a walk, Ben says that it is code for going down the pub. And he doesn’t need to go because the kids are away.

She asks him if they can do something together, Ben can’t think of anything, Susan tries to think of what they did before the kids were born. They run back upstairs again. Ben & Susan’s bedroom, Ben is asleep, Susan tries to wake him, Ben has been dreaming of having sex, involving yoghurt and mashed potato and Susan is holding the coats.

Ben is trying to watch tv and read the paper, (cockney voices), while Susan fusses round him. Susan decides to make a fire, they’re out of firelighters, and so she suggests going shopping for some. Ben laughs at this. Ben tries to teach Susan to relax, this doesn’t work, and then the phone goes to both their relief. Susan follows Ben around the house, while talking to her friend on the phone, so he feels included. They begin to argue after Susan finishes her phone call. Susan storms off and begins to clear up after Ben; he sits on the sofa watching tv, trying to ignore her. They finally stop and realise this will be their life after the kids move out. Susan panics and suggests adoption. Ben suggests that if they can’t find something they both like doing, then they should find something they both hate doing. They begin to argue once again over each other’s suggestions, until the door opens, and Michael returns. Michael was the last to book, and there were too many kids to go. Susan promptly whisks him off to an art gallery leaving Ben in peace at last.


Character Played by
Ben Harper Robert Lindsay
Susan Harper Zoe Wanamaker
Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson


Role Name
Director Dewi Humphreys
Producer John Bartlett
Writer James Hendrie
Writer Ian Brown
Executive Producer Fred Barron
Executive Producer Don Taffner

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