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How do I get tickets to be in the audience for a recording of MY FAMILY?

At the moment, there are no definite recording dates, but the BBC Ticket Unit will be handling audience tickets when production resumes and you can contact them at http://www.bbc.co.uk/tickets  for MY FAMILY and other shows.

How many people work on the show behind the camera?

Including writers, production team and crew, there are about 110 people involved in the making of each episode.

How many episodes have there been?

There has been the equivalent of 105 half hour episodes transmitted in the UK (up to the last of the 9th series).  Some of these have been broadcast by the BBC One as one hour Christmas specials but are also edited into 2 half hours for broadcast internationally and in the UK secondary market.

Is it the longest running sitcom in the UK?

No. At the head of the list is LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE, currently with 289 episodes, so MY FAMILY has a bit of catching up to do.  It could claim to be the longest running with a continuous core cast, however.

Why was it decided that Ben should be a dentist?

Because Fred Barron initially based the idea of the character on his father, who was a dentist.

Why doesn’t Ben ever use the drill in the surgery?

Because there are too many people for whom the sound of the drill would be, literally, a turn-off.

Do you accept speculative scripts or storylines from new writers?

No.  We have a writing team, which changes from series to series as writers leave and join the show but we cannot accept unsolicited material for the show.

Does MY FAMILY ever go on location?

No.  It was decided at a very early stage that we would only shoot scenes in the studio.  This was partly a practical decision and partly a stylistic decision.