Series 10 Two Week Ratings Highlights

Wednesday 31st December 1969

  • 4.01 Million Viewers watched the first episode Friday night July 9 and 4.35 million viewers watched the second episode the following week. That is an increase of 9% week on week.
  • July and August have the lowest viewership levels of any month making comparisons to programmes run at other times difficult. Had MY FAMILY run in in the same time period in January, the share it had in July would have delivered the following viewers:

    Episode 1   5.3 million 
    Episode 2   5.8 million
  • The first two episodes are the 3rd and 4th highest rated July comedy telecasts snce 2005 (which is as far as our research goes back) trailing only one telecast of Open All Hours and one telecast of The Vicar Of Dibley.
  • Both Episodes saw increased viewership over each quarter hour by 9%
  • Both episodes improved upon the July 2009 average time slot viewership by:

    Episode 1  10%
    Episode 2  20%
  • Both Episodes won their time periods:

    Episode 1
    MY FAMILY (BBC1)                   4.0 million
    Doc Martin (ITV1)                 2.6 million
    Big Brother (C4)                   2.4 million
    The Mentalist (Five)              1.8 million
    Dive (BBC2)                         1.2 million

    Episode 2
    MY FAMILY (BBC1)                    4.35 million
    Doc Martin (ITV1)                  2.9 million
    Big Brother (C4)                    2.5 million
    The Mentalist (Five)               1.9 million
    BBC Proms (BBC2)                 0.7 million
  • Both Episodes increase viewership over the lead in program QI:

    Episode 1  50%    
    Episode 2  37%
  • Each week The Old Guys lost viewership from the MY FAMILY lead-in:

    Episode 1 23%    
    Episode 2 34%

Source: BARB/Attentional

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